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● Suitable for 0-12 months of age.
● Suitable for baby sleeping and playing.
● Electric rocking function.

Products Description

Our innovative SKU1 3-in-1 baby sleeper rocker is a versatile 3-in-1 baby rocker designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. With automatic rocking, adjustable modes, and amniotic fluid-like vibrations, it soothes your baby to sleep effortlessly. Featuring a starry sky projection lamp, sleep music, and rotating toys, it creates a serene environment. Safety is paramount with a three-point seat belt and durable steel construction. Our design aims to provide people with peace of mind to enjoy and a happy, contented baby with our baby sleeper rocker.

The net surface design

Three-point seat belt

Steel material

Three adjustable modes

There is a rocking box

The net surface design

Three-point seat belt

Steel material

Three adjustable modes

There is a rocking box

Product Features

● There is a rocking box at the bottom of the baby sleeper rocker, which can swing back and forth automatically without manual effort.

● Good for sitting and lying down, three adjustable modes, convenient for the baby to eat, play and sleep.

● Imitate the effect of amniotic fluid vibration, help to calm the baby’s mood and fall asleep quickly.

● Chair Angle with adjustable support foot, baby sleeps without shaking.

● Starry sky projection lamp shade, 9 songs of sleep music, to create a warm sleeping environment.

● Three-point seat belts can escort the baby’s joy.

● The net surface design around the head of the baby sleeper rocker is convenient for the mother to observe the baby's movement.

● The top of this baby sleeper rocker comes with rotating toys to exercise the snatch ability of the baby.

● Steel material, safe and secure.


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