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Claesde's SKU1 3-in-1 Baby Sleeper Rocker : Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

As a leading brand in baby products, Claesde is proud to introduce the SKU1 3-in-1 Baby Sleeper Rocker. Designed for babies aged 0-12 months, this versatile rocker is perfect for both sleeping and playing, providing ultimate comfort and convenience for both babies and parents.

Standout Features

One of the standout features of the SKU1 Baby Sleeper Rocker is its electric rocking function. With a rocking box at the bottom, the rocker can swing back and forth automatically, offering a gentle and soothing motion that helps lull your baby to sleep effortlessly. This feature saves parents from manually rocking the rocker, allowing them to have some much-needed rest while their baby enjoys a peaceful sleep.


The SKU1 Baby Sleeper Rocker is designed to adapt to your baby's needs throughout the day. It offers three adjustable modes, making it convenient for the baby to eat, play, and sleep. Whether your little one wants to sit up, lie down, or take a nap, the rocker can be easily adjusted to provide the desired position. This flexibility ensures that your baby remains comfortable and content in every activity.


Serene Environment

We understand the importance of creating a serene environment for your baby's sleep. That's why the SKU1 Baby Sleeper Rocker features a starry sky projection lamp and sleep music. The projection lamp casts a beautiful starry sky onto the ceiling, creating a calming and dreamy atmosphere. Additionally, the rocker comes with nine soothing sleep music options, helping your baby relax and fall asleep peacefully.


Safety and Convenience

Safety is paramount when it comes to baby products, and Claesde prioritizes the well-being of your little one. The SKU1 Baby Sleeper Rocker is equipped with a three-point seat belt, ensuring that your baby remains secure and protected while enjoying their time in the rocker. The durable steel construction provides stability and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy every moment with your baby without any worries.


We have also taken into consideration the convenience of parents when designing the SKU1 Baby Sleeper Rocker. The net surface design around the head of the rocker allows mothers to easily observe their baby's movements, providing reassurance and peace of mind. The top of the rocker is equipped with rotating toys, which not only entertain your baby but also help exercise their snatch ability, contributing to their development and growth.



In conclusion, the Claesde SKU1 3-in-1 Baby Sleeper Rocker is a game-changer in the world of baby products. With its electric rocking function, adjustable modes, and soothing features such as the starry sky projection lamp and sleep music, it offers ultimate comfort and convenience for both babies and parents. The emphasis on safety, with the three-point seat belt and durable steel construction, ensures that your baby is secure at all times. Trust Claesde to provide you with a baby sleeper rocker that brings joy, contentment, and peaceful sleep to your little one.

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