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ODM Service from Claesde: Innovative Designs Tailored to Your Brand

Claesde is a trusted name in the baby product industry, offering unparalleled ODM services. Our goal is to bring your brand's vision to life by providing comprehensive ODM solutions. With a team of dedicated designers and researchers, we streamline the development process while minimizing time and cost. In this article, we will delve into how Claesde's ODM services can assist you in creating innovative designs that perfectly align with your brand, with a particular focus on travel baby swing.

Extensive Design and R&D Expertise

Claesde takes pride in our exceptional design and R&D team, boasting extensive experience in the baby product industry. We understand the evolving needs and preferences of parents and babies, allowing us to develop innovative and market-ready baby products. By partnering with Claesde, you gain access to our expertise and resources, ensuring that your brand's products are at the forefront of design and functionality.

What Are the Advantages

Claesde's Travel Baby Swing is a versatile and feature-rich product that offers several advantages for parents and their babies. With a suitable age range of 0-12 months, our baby swing is designed to provide maximum comfort, entertainment, and safety for infants. Let's explore the advantages of Claesde's Travel Baby Swing in detail:

  1. Suitable for Sleeping and Playing: The swing is not just ideal for playing, but also for promoting peaceful sleep for babies. The gentle rocking motion helps soothe and calm babies, creating a conducive environment for napping or sleep time.
  2. Electric Rocking Function: The electric rocking function eliminates the need for manual swinging, saving parents' time and effort. With the touch of a button, the swing automatically rocks in a gentle and consistent manner, replicating the feeling of being cradled in a parent's arms.
  3. Multi-Level Adjustment: The swing offers multi-level adjustment options, allowing parents to set the height according to their preferences and the baby's comfort. This feature ensures that the swing is adaptable to different rooms and spaces such as the bedroom, living room, or dining room.
  4. Swing from Left to Right: The swing's ability to swing from left to right is a handy feature for mothers or caregivers. It frees up their hands, enabling them to attend to other tasks while keeping a close eye on their baby. This feature promotes convenience and multitasking for busy parents.
  5. Unique Seat Design: Claesde's Travel Baby Swing incorporates a unique seat design that prioritizes the protection of the baby's spine. The ergonomic seat supports the baby's natural body posture, preventing strain or discomfort and ensuring optimal spinal alignment during swinging.


Claesde's ODM service offers a valuable opportunity to create innovative designs tailored to your brand's vision. With our extensive design and R&D expertise, customization options, and time and cost efficiency, we provide the necessary support to bring your brand's unique baby products to market. Choose Claesde as your ODM partner and unlock the potential for exceptional travel baby swings that resonate with parents and delight little ones. Together, we can create products that combine functionality, safety, and style, ensuring that your brand stands out in the competitive baby product industry.

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