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Claesde OEM Service: Your Brand, Our Expertise

As a leading supplier of infant baby products, Claesde is proud to offer exceptional OEM services to renowned brands. We understand the importance of expressing your brand's breakthroughs and providing top-notch baby product solutions. Join us as we explore how Claesde's OEM services can help elevate your brand and deliver outstanding products, with a special focus on newborn swing chair.

How Claesde Benefit the Babies and Their Parents

Claesde's New Born Swing Chair offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for parents looking to provide comfort and convenience for their little ones. Let's explore these benefits in detail:

  1. Suitable for 0-12 months of age: The swing chair is designed to accommodate babies from newborn up to 12 months old, ensuring a long period of usability and value for parents.
  2. Suitable for baby sleeping and playing: This swing chair serves a dual purpose, providing a cozy and safe environment for babies to sleep comfortably, as well as a playful space for them to engage with toys and sensory activities.
  3. Electric rocking function: The built-in electric rocking feature allows for gentle and soothing motion that mimics the natural movement experienced by babies in their parents' arms. This rocking motion can help soothe and calm babies, aiding in their sleep or relaxation.
  4. Adjustable height and swing speed: The swing chair offers three height settings, allowing parents to conveniently adjust the chair's position to their desired level. Additionally, it provides five gear options to control the swing speed, enabling customization according to the baby's preference and comfort.
  5. Freeing mom's hands with side-to-side swing: The swing chair's side-to-side swinging motion helps to entertain and soothe the baby while giving parents the freedom to attend to other tasks or take a short break. This hands-free feature allows caregivers to have some valuable moments of rest or productivity.


Product Customization

One of the key advantages of Claesde's OEM services is the ability to customize products according to your brand's specific requirements. We understand that each brand has its unique vision and market demands. Our OEM services offer the flexibility and versatility to tailor designs and features that set your brand apart from competitors. Whether it's incorporating specific colors, patterns, or functionalities, we work closely with you to bring your brand's vision to life in the newborn swing chair category.

Collaboration with Strong Factories and Designers

Claesde's OEM services are backed by collaboration with strong factories and talented in-house designers. We have established partnerships with trusted manufacturing facilities that uphold the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship as we do. Our extensive network and expertise ensure the seamless integration of manufacturing, design, and quality control processes. By working together, we can create high-quality and innovative newborn swing chairs that impress both parents and babies alike.


Claesde's OEM services offer a valuable partnership opportunity for renowned brands seeking top-notch baby product solutions. Our commitment to high quality, customer satisfaction, and customization sets us apart in the industry. With our expertise and resources, we can help express your brand's breakthroughs and deliver outstanding baby products, including newborn swing chairs. Choose Claesde as your OEM partner and unlock the potential to become a leading brand in the baby product industry. Together, we can create products that prioritize safety, functionality, and style, ensuring that every baby experiences the utmost comfort and joy.

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